Industrial machinery for the production of fresh or dry, long and short pasta, lasagna and stuffed products such as tortellini or ravioli. The company offers pasta extruders and dryers optimized for the production of pasta even in large quantities. Machine accessories also allow decorating the surfaces of products or changing the type of cutting.

Each pasta machine is carefully crafted with attention to every detail to ensure high performance and is also optimized for large workloads. Suitable for small and large pasta companies of any type and from any dough.


Machines can process fresh or frozen meat and are suitable for the production of various types of meat, from the simplest to the most complex, such as baozi with filling or arancini or typical coxinha of Brazilian cuisine.


A simple replacement of the matrix is all you need to change the shape of pasta and make spaghetti, classic dumplings or gnocchi with filling, meatballs, cookies, penne and various dishes. The company offers a wide range of industrial extruders for the production of a large number of food products of various shapes and types.


The drying process is used to produce fresh pasta, fruits and vegetables. Depending on the production requirements, the dryers are designed in such a way as to guarantee high performance and increase productivity. Easy to use and install, they allow you to produce products of extremely high quality, while maintaining their shape.

The drying process consists of a manual ventilation system with clockwise and counterclockwise rotation, a thermostat, a temperature control thermometer, humidity control and air suction valves.

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